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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our website. Our company was established in 2005 with intention to provide all of our customers a wide range of high-quality, personalized transport services. Our main activity is international and domestic transportation, freight forwarding and passenger transport.

As a recognition of the quality of our services provided to our customers and our commitment to comply our activities with the international standards and regulations, we received the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 certification by SRAC CERT.

Due to the dynamic and continuous development of our company we added new services aswell, such as: repair and maintenance of vehicles, tire mounting / centering / repair and car wash.Our aim is to maintain on a long term the trust of our present and future partners with fair, professional and quality services to meet their needs.

We hope that soon You too will be one of them. Thank you for choosing us.

Best regards,